Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winter Planters.

Whether it's because I am Canadian or not, I have always liked the look of freshly fallen snow on top of well, anything! (Yes I admit I like snow, but I suppose only for a while, that is until it turns into slush. Yuck!) But freshly fallen snow just looks so pretty on top of trees and bushes. To help brighten up my pathway at home, I decided to make some winter planters for the winter season and will explain how I did so below. The best thing about these planters is that they help spruce up one's house exterior for the Christmas season, yet the look is suitable for the entire winter season!

The Finished Product.
My walkway planters, currently awaiting some snow!!!

Items Used:
  •  A Planter Pot (able to sustain cold temperatures)
  • Sticks, Boughs, Berries, whatever wild things you can find
  • Dirt and/or Sand (it doesn't matter what you use since the sticks do not need to grow roots and are not expected to live)
  • Rocks
  • Place rocks in the bottom of the planter pot (this will help weigh it down and protect the final product from blowing over)
  • Pour some dirt or sand into the pot. Fill approx. half of the pot.
  • Stick the tallest of your wild findings in the centre of the pot of dirt/sand.
  • Start sticking the other branches and pieces into the dirt/sand revolving around the the tallest one in the centre.
  •  Continue sticking in pieces until you have none left.
  • Place planter along walkway, under window, by door, etc... for a beautiful wintery feel - Well, after it snows!!!!
  • To help visually balance the planter, try thinking of the planter as a clock. If you stick something in at 2 O'clock, try sticking the same type of piece in at 6 and 10 O'Clock. This will help balance out the look of the branches and overall feel of the planter.
  • Also, the look of these planters could be greatly improved had I used more attractive plant pots.... but ya gotta love reusing what you have (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse)!!!!

The Finished Goods (awaiting snow!):

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